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Which Should I Use?

Choosing the right toothbrush is different for everyone. If you find you are not cleaning well with a manual toothbrush, try an electric toothbrush. It might work better for you. Sometimes the manual brushing technique may just need to be modified and not necessarily a brush replacement. Please ask us how to brush for more details or refer to the "How Should I Brush?" article back at the Home page.

Toothbrushes are offered in varying textures of bristles, and come in different shapes and sizes. The standard recommendation is a "SOFT" bristle toothbrush becase of less damage to the teeth and gums.

All we care about is what toothbrush works BEST for YOU, and one that you will USE and you feel most COMFORTABLE with.

The Manual Toothbrush

  • Inexpensive

  • Some come with tongue scraper

  • Easy to travel

  • No built in timer after 2 minutes is up

  • May be difficult for some people to hold onto firmly

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The Electric Toothbrush

  • May be a better alternative in removing plaque for some people

  • Larger handles easier to grasp

  • Automatically shuts off after 2 minutes

  • Controls force for you (Excellent for hard brushers!)

  • Buzzing feels good to people
  • Some can be expensive

  • Requires charging or battery placement