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The following before&after photos are examples of Dr. Estrella's personal work.
Case 1: Big gap between the two front teeth was closed with crowns,
and NO orthodontic treatment.
Case 2: Receding gums caused the dark spaces on the front teeth.
Crowns were placed to eliminate dark gaps and acheive a more aesthetic look.
Case 3: Patient was born with congenitally smaller teeth.
Veneers were placed to fill the gaps and enhanced her smile.

Case 4: Patient was bothered by gap in between two front teeth.
Bonding was placed to close the gaps. NO crowns nor ortho tx. needed.
Case 5: (Numbering based on international dental system)
#7 was an old crown replaced with new crown with more feminine shape.
#8 was a tooth replaced with veneer to even with adjacent tooth #9.
#10 was missing and was replaced with a 2-unit bridge (#10-11). 

Case 6: Bridge was placed to replace front tooth, and fill in void.
Case 7: This is an example of Internal Whitening. These stains derive from within,
and cannot be bleached from over-the-counter products.

Case 8: Slanted bridge interfered with patient's function (i.e. chewing and speech) and aesthetics.
This 6-unit bridge addressed the function and enhanced the patient's smile.