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Did you know that Flossing can increase your Life Expectancy?
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Did you know that flossing may increase your life span? Flossing plays an important role in our dental home-care. Brushing alone is not enough. It is recommended to floss regularly, at least once a day. Flossing only takes a couple of minutes of your day, but the benefits can last a lifeftime!

  • Slide floss gently side to side all the way up to the gum line.

  • Wrap floss around tooth in the shape of a letter “C”.

  • Remove food or plaque in an up and down direction.

  • For cleaning underneath bridges, a floss threader is helpful.
  • Flossing prevents cavities from forming between teeth.

  • Flossing prevents progression of GUM and BONE disease.

  • Flossing prevents bad breath.

  • And flossing helps prevent other chronic diseases!

If you don't like flossing, try Water-Pik. Its a great alternative for some people. Ask us more, in interested!